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Background gradiant with pandas in Python

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Did you know about .background_gradient()? Before today no!

Foggy forest as a background - Arthur Camberlein

I did not ... and now I do! And that thanks to a tweet from Karina Bartolomé and the screen capture below:

Background gradiant by Karina Bartolomé on Twitter - Arthur Camberlein All rights reserved to Karina Bartolomé for the screen capture

What is .background_gradient()?

It is a styling format from the library pandas in Python.

If you want to know more and read the documentation, you can follow this link

Example from the tweet

If you want to copy/paste this coe, I reproduced it for you below:

1import pandas as pd
3df = pd.read_csv('')
6 .groupby
7 .agg(
8 n = ('PassengerId','count')
9 survivors = ('Survived','sum')
10 p_survivors = ('Survived','mean')
11 )
12 .style
13 .background_gradient(subset=['p_survivors'], vmin=0, vmax=1, cmap='colorwarn_r')
14 .background_gradient(subset=['n','survivors'], cmap='blues')

For the purpose of this example, it was done using a Python Notebook

Source of this tip on .background_gradient()

I saw this tip on Twitter and it was shared by Karina Bartolomé:

All rights reserved to Karina Bartolomé and her tip with .background_gradient() in her tweet.

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