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Bulk URL Opener

SEO, HTML1 min read

Let's keep it simple: you have to open several URL at once and you are wondering how to do that: let's find out together!

Open doors and URLs - Arthur Camberlein

Open multiple URL

My favorite website is

The name is that clear, that it is easy tu read and understand: Open + multiple + URL. I thing they bought this for SEO purposes 😅

URL Opener at 10 Best SEO

This is the URL Maybe too many ads on this website, but you gotta find a way to earn enough for your work and server ;-)

Multiple URL Opener at Visiopark

I don't exactly know Visiopark, but I could tell that there website/tool is simple and good to use.

Bulk URL Oener

This is a full project: a website, some browser extension and an Open-Source project on GitHub. To access it, go to

URL Opener

Like the other ones "Open multiple URL" and "Bulk URL Opener" the name speaks for itself. Once again this is an EMD (Exact Match Domain) which first purpose is to better rank on Organic Results

Note: I don't use any extension like Firefox or Google Chrome extension, but that could also be an option!

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