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Finding Weird Stuff - What is FWS?

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Finding weird stuff on the Internet is not a new thing, but here I am only talking about weird SEO stuff while doing it's (SEO) work. This is what this article is about, the FWS!

Finding Weird Stuff on Internet - FWS - Arthur Camberlein

What is SEO FWS (Finding Weird Stuff)?

Finding Weird Stuff is a type of SEO that focuses on finding unusual or interesting content that is not easily found through a simple search engine query. This type of content can be found in many places, including online forums, social media sites, and other websites that are not well-known. Finding Weird Stuff can be a great way to stand out from the crowd and attract attention to your website or blog.

Note: FWS is part -- for me -- of the work of a Technical SEO Specialist


As an SEO -- Like in many other fields and craft -- you may find weird stuff while doing your work! This article is not intended to point fingers at people, company or even ways of doing work; It's just a fun way to share personnal examples or things I could have seen online (Twitter mostly).

Where to find weird SEO stuff?

For me there are 2 places where you can find weird SEO stuff:

  • On the current live version of the website
  • On previous versions of the website

Finding Weird Stuff on the current website

Sometimes, just by browsing the website, you may stumble upon some strange or weird stuff: aka things that should not be there or pages that should not behave that way.

Finding Weird Stuff on "old" version of the website

If the changes were quite recent, you can use the Google cache (yes before Googlebot comes back to the page); if the changes are from several weeks or months (or years?), I recommend you to use the website -- Yes the Wayback Machine ;-)

Where can I find weird seo stuff on the Internet?

There is a lot of weird SEO stuff on the Internet. If you are looking for weird SEO stuff, you can try searching for it on Google or Bing. Or read this blog post ahaha

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