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How I learn Python?

Python, Learning1 min read

This was my process to learn Python: my step by step process & where I've been to arrive here nowadays.

Learning Python - Arthur Camberlein

The story behind the learning

The story behind learning Python was that I arrived at a company that wasn't using R -- language that I knew a little bit -- and I had to adapt in some way

Did I talk to you about "How I learned R" ahaha

So yeah, arriving from a job where I was mostly using Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheet; and a little bit of R. I was surprised to not be able to use R as I intended to do and as discussed during the interviews!

No problem, another good challenge that will be great to tackle!

So learning Python ...

I decided to do this a little bit differently than when I learned R: I will still read a lot of articles and trying to understand the global way of working on Python. But I will use (1) "internal ressources" Aka. asking a lot of question to the data scietist with who I was working & (2) also to pickup projects that I will directly use.

Thank you Jaafar, if you read that, you help me get to big sortcut and everytime taking the time to explain it to me. Because, yes I am stubborn I don't want to get everything, I want to understand!

Projects I took

  1. Checking the SEO community
  2. Checking the most used libraried (aka Pandas, re, Nympy, ...)
  3. Following people that are talking about this projects

Funny story for the third point, when I began to learn about Python and SEO, I was following the work of Paul Shapiro -- among others -- and 2 years later, he became my lead at Shopify! Such a good surprise -- Thanks Kevin for hiring him ✌️

Learning by doing

So I did 2 things mostly: learning during my working hours how to use, launch, and build simple scripts for my Data Analyst job at the time & (2) learning during my free time -- Aka. evenings and weekends -- how to better perform automation for my SEO work.

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