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How to display all dataframe column names in Python

Python, Data1 min read

Let's say you have a dataframe (called df) and it is big. When big, I mean lots of columns and you would like how you can display them to filter you data frame for your analysis and cleaning.

Today tip and trick is to help you in your data analysis: displaying column names of your data frame

Display Columns - Arthur Camberlein

Before begining

Since we will be using pandas Python library do to it: you will have to verify it is installed on you folder, computer or environement.

There are 2 solutions to install pandas depending on which version of Python you are currently running.

  • For Python 2
1pip install pandas
  • For Python 3
1pip3 install pandas

Note 1: if you are using a notebook like Google Colab or Jupyter Notebook, don't forget the ! before !pip to make sure that it will launch the install

Note 2: you will only have to do this install process once, unless you are using different environement to work on.

The next step: loading pandas (of course)

The next step after the install is to load the library

1import pandas as pd

If you would like to know more about import, I invite you to read this article: Importing a library in Python

Display all the column names in Python

Remember we name our datafrane df, but if you named it otherwise, you will have to change the df mention below to the name of your dataframe.

1for col in df.columns:
2 print(col)

So what does this 2 line of code are doing: for every column (col) in your dataframe (df), print (print()) the result.

Quicker and easier way

There is an easier an quicker way you could use to display your columns name as a list: df.columns; you said simpler than that? No, sorry I can't! 😆


Why did I presented you this whole process and article if it's simply df.columns? Because with this article you learned "the hard way" and even if it's as simple as df.columns, now you will be able to understand other piece of code or adapt 😉

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