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HTML Display of a web-page

HTML, SEO1 min read

If you are a complete beginer in HTML -- which is totally fine -- and you would like to better understand HTML code, his article is made for you!

HTML position for SEO and Web - Arthur Camberlein

I could totally understand that code for software or web-page could be a little bit scary if you are not used to, so I would like to give you a simple example of the best structure and code for an HTML page.

Let me reassure you: no need to understand HTML, code or any specific computer language 😇

This is the conventional structure. from a W3C and SEO point of view

1<!DOCTYPE html>
5<title>Title for your page</title> #It will not be directly displayed on your page, but on search results pages (from Google or Bing for example)
9 <h1>Main title of your page</h1>
10 <p>Text Paragraph</p>
11 <h2>Secondary title level</h2>
12 <p>Text Paragraph like introduction of your 2 other points</p>
13 <h3>Third title level</h3>
14 <p>Text Paragraph like a sub-paragraph</p>
15 <h3>Third title level</h3>
16 <p>Text Paragraph like a sub-paragraph</p>
17 <h2>Secondary title level</h2>
18 <p>Text Paragraph</p>

Directly from your browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, ...), and you would like to see the current code, you can Ctrl + U (Windows) / Cmd + Option + U (Mac OS).

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