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Learning Python - Where? When? How?

Python, Learning1 min read

Learning Python would be easy for some of you and hard for some others. If you are part of this second group, don't sorry and stick to it by finding concrete example that could help you!

Learning Python - Arthur Camberlein

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Learning Python

Is it easy?

It's like everything, if you know nothing about a subject: usually it will be hard! And in this case, even with Python I will not say it's easy. I prefer to say that you could be amazed everytime you learn something and you will always learn something.

How to do it?

Everyone has its own journey with learning something in general, a coding language and in this case Python. In my case I learn Python because I wanted to & that could be something really useful for my work -- and my career -- so I did it.

I had some basic knowledge of web development (HTML, CSS, JS and php); but really basic especially with JS and php! I was not and am still not a developer. And I had some knowledge from what I learn with R about writting scripts.

I think in my case, what helped was: (1) I was motivated, (2) I found real example and things I could create directly, (3) I was surrounded with help -- team when I was Data Analyst.

[Funny part] Learn Python with Github Copilot

This sentence is coming from a podcast on is it possible to learn python just by follwing GitHub Copilot.

Personal note: I like Github copilot ... but to learn a language like Python with it, it might be too difficult. In fact Github Copilot is a great tool, to help you but not to learn something in my opinion. Why? Because of two examples (among others), (1) if you are using Github Copilot without any reflexion, you will not learn (except how to use your Tab key 😇), (2) most of the time, GitHub Copilot creates are "too simple" df / df_2 / df_df /...

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