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My headers on Gastby CMS

Tips, HTML1 min read

It's not the first time I am writting about headers on the blog (HTML Display of a web-page), and this time it is for a small tip about headers in Gatsby CMS.

Heads down for headers on Gatsby CSM - Arthur Camberlein

In this post I will talk about HTML headers and not talking about HTTP headers!

Non-technical blog posted

This blog post will not be technical ... unless pushing your blog updates thanks to git and using headless CMS is technical.

Yes, yes, I am playing on words tomatoes Vs. tomatoes and yes it's a little bit technical, but if you are here (), it's because you -- at least -- got a little interest for technical stuff.

How to do your headers with Gastby CMS?

This is my tip, and it might change depending on your theme and you server. What I use is:

2title: {title-tag}
3date: {YYYY-MM-DD}
4description: "{meta-tag}"
6 - {tag1}
7 - {tag2}
8banner: ./{banner}.jpg

Usually this header are a great addition to the existing what markdown is created and displayed. In my case this is the header for all my articles (under file); where {} are standing for variables.

What do you think? Do you use something similar (or different)?

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