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SEO with Gatsby CMS

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I put myself in a "strange" position, no I am kidding: it's not a strange position or something I do not want to! The story begins when I was trying to be better with Github, learn new things ... and I am curious so I wanted to test new Internet things. And here we are: I am using Gatsby for my English SEO blog.

Cheers to you Gatsby (CMS) - Arthur Camberlein

Why a new blog?

I already have a tech / SEO / Data blog, but it was in French ... and based on this statement it was limited to people reading, understand and/or speaking french. Also I am now working fully in English, so that made sense! Learn about me!

This blog will help me better figure out how to leverage things in Englsih and become a better SEO Expert (sho knows)

This post is a WIP and will be updated on a regular basis!

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Following that, I am testing several things with this new way of creating content and shareing tips on what I learned & am still learning.

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