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Some SQL Tips - SQL 101

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I don't have the pretention to know everything about SQL. But even if I don't know the inside and out of this language, I will bring you alongside me for some tips. So in this article I'll share a few tips I've gotten from my experience working with SQL.

Table and chair: tables like in SQL - Arthur Camberlein

My goal tis to give you a few tips to make SQL easy and usable. Hoping that will make it quick and easy to get the hang of SQL queries for you.


DISTINCT is really cool if you are looking for filter a specific table based on a value. For example you could use DISTINCT to display all domains in your table and after filtering it with WHERE.


1SELECT DISTINCT colonne1, colonne2
2FROM {table_name}


1SELECT colonne1, colonne2
2FROM FROM {table_name}
3WHERE colonne2 = {unique_value}

You can find it close to the =UNIQUE() formula in Google Spreadsheet or .unique in Python with pandas


This is one of my favorite to use: it's easy, simple and so efficient! What all 3 of that? Why using LIMIT on your query? To test you query before running everything out of it!

2FROM {table_name}

As its name state, LIMIT allow you to limit the number of the results from you query! It is particularly good to use that to test your query of big tables.

this LIMIT could be the equivalent of head or tail if your are R or Python user

A tip for SEO with a search and replace

This tips might help you if you are using Wordpress and/or if you are an SEO: a search and replace for every URLs in our database.

1UPDATE `wpecuXX_posts`
2SET guid = REPLACE(guid, 'http://www.domaine.tdl/', 'https://www.domaine.tdl/')
3WHERE `guid` LIKE 'https://www.domaine.tdl/%';

Note that this example could work if you are doing a migration (other than https > https), or moving from staging to production (easy to verify you didn't miss a link for example).

In this case, I am only taking care of absolute URL. But let's say that for SEO purpose, I recommend you to use relative URLs in your pages, posts, ... for Interlinking purposes.

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