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Tech SEO, What is it?

Tech SEO, What is it?

SEO is already a big thing, but what do you know about technical SEO?

Technical SEO

In one sentence, technical SEO is technical improvements (loading time, auto-generated pages, automation, etc.) on a website with the end goal to enhance the SEO.

It also includes things like optimizing the site's performance, improving the site's performance, and optimizing the site's performance.

How I see my job as a Technical SEO

As I see it, we can summarize it with these bullets points:

  • Optimize the site's performance
  • Improve the site's performance
  • Automate tasks and processes
  • Check the website through bots "eyes"
  • Technical SEO experts can also help businesses create and implement an effective SEO strategy. From the ground to the top! From the ground as the foundation work!
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