SEO Manager & Data Specialist in Canada

Hello, my name is Arthur Camberlein,
I am a SEO Manager & Data Specialist!

I was a SEO Specialist in Montreal (Canada), a Data Analyst in Luxembourg & an E-marketing consultant specialized in SEO in Lille (France).

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Who am I?

Curious french guy living in Montreal (Canada) who really enjoys technology and the Internet. Especially understanding how things work.

Where does Arthur currently working?

Currently working as an SEO Specialist @ Shopify in Canada and really enjoy it!

My previous work place: SEO & Data in Canada, Luxembourg and France

Before Shopify I was a SEO Specialist in a web agency in Montreal, QC, Canada. Former to that I worked as a Data Analyst in Luxembourg and as an SEO and Web analyst consultant in France (Lille) where I was specialized in SEO, e-commerce and online strategies.

Constant learner + giving/sharing person

I really enjoy spending time learning "stuff" but also sharing my knowledge, that's why I wrote on several websites and go into forums. But that's not all, I gave several conferences (& webinars), some courses and company training courses. Subject where about SEO 101, netlinking, e-commerce analysis, web-analysis basics, tech SEO, ...

Webmarketing swiss-army kniff

My coworker used to say about me that I'm a web-marketing swiss-army kniff. I'm familiar with SEO, Data, SEA, SMO and Webanalyses ; and also some tech & stats languages such as R (stat) and Python.

SEO as a passion: also webmastering

Without forgetting that I'm also a webmaster for several website. I live for test and SEO, so I have several website where i try to better understand Google Algorithm. Plu I also help several people to build there e-commerce website thanks to Wordpress (and Woo commerce) and Shopify.

A little bit about my work as an SEO

We will go below as a resume of several of my work an SEO Specialist/SEO expert using data to get the best of optimization.

SEO Manager @ Shopify | Canada

Participating in getting the best organic trafic for Shopify products with test and studies.

SEO Specialist @ Adviso | Canada

Getting the best SEO for my client thanks to exchange, automation and team spirit: content creation, bot optimization, etc.

Data Analyst @ Editus | Luxembourg

Analyzing data and creating data viz for internal purposes. Gathering information mostly thanks to SQL and Power BI.

SEO Consultant @ Open Linking | France

Mostly SEO for e-commerce brands in diverse sectors such as tourism, clothes, video games or finance.

Expert SEO in Canada

There is so much information already available online to become an SEO Expert: fast courses, webinars, articles, etc. But what exactly an SEO expert?

For me an SEO expert consist in understanding SEO in every part of it ... meaning understanding how to optimize content, how to optimize technically a website and how you must work on acquiring backlinks also. 3 big part that you should now - at least - and also, you can add the data part (data analysis) since a few years you cannot be a SEO expert, if you do not have an expertise in data: understanding it, knowing from where you can gather it, which data you can trust ... and mostly what decision you will take to go further in your SEO strategy thanks to data.

If you want to summarize it, there is 3 points:

  • Tech SEO: indexation, site structure, interlinking ; how to have a better crawl from Search Engine Bots
  • Content SEO: keyword research and how to write good content (content that drive traffic which will convert)
  • Backlinks distribution: could be related to PR and also how to gain notoriety. on its part will summarize it in 7 points:

  1. Crawl accessibility so engines can read your website
  2. Compelling content that answers the searcher’s query
  3. Keyword optimized to attract searchers & engines
  4. Great user experience including a fast load speed and compelling UX
  5. Share-worthy content that earns links, citations, and amplification
  6. Title, URL, & description to draw high CTR in the rankings
  7. Snippet/schema markup to stand out in SERPs

SEO Certified

I am certified from several known institutions such as Moz, SEM Rush, Hubspot, Data SEO Labs or the SEO Camp.Plus, as a webmarketing swiss-army kniff I am Google Certified for Google Analytics, Google Adwords (Search & Display) & Google Shopping.

SEO Consultant

What does e-marketing consultant means? It means that with my clients (and my websites) I follow some KPI to get the best traffic regarding goals that were set. The best traffic for a website signify that visitors will fulfill your goals (micro goals and main goals). I aim to do that with SEO and with integrating SEO in the global conversion funnel.

Webmarketing lover

Many years ago, I fell in love with marketing and especially SEO and Data. That's why i'm currently working as a SEO Specialist and used to work as several level of marketing and digital marketing. From a web-marketing agency to well known data company. I also graduated from a e-commerce and marketing MBA.

SEO World is changing

Nobody can deny it: the world is changing and SEO world is also changing! Taking Google for example, from 1998, it change from a Search Engine to a Response Engine ; focus more on more on giving the "right" answer to the "right" person.

Connect directly with me

Find me on the Internet

I work on several projects like Fixie Lille (Fr), a website about bikes which brings together bike lovers around the world.

I've also wrote on several french marketing and tech blogs around the years: Webzeen, Open Linking, Antispam, etc.

For french speaking people, you can find me on Merci Sergey - SEO tech and Data and for english speaking folks, there is some time on my Instagram account. 2 places where I talk about SEO, automation, Python, R and Internet stuff ;-)

English version of my website Online

French version of my website Online

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