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My name is Arthur, I do SEO for a living and I am passionate about a lot of things that you will be able to find on that blog!

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Using data to make marketing and SEO decisions May 5th, 2020

PresentationArthur, an SEO Specialist at Adviso, brings his expertise from his time as an SEO consultant and Data Analyst in Europe. With his marketing and technical background, he optimizes our teams and customer experience, develops efficient operational processes, and constantly tests industry-leading practices and services.

This is only English-speaking content. I also wrote a lot of things in French :-)


Arthur Camberlein, technical SEO and data specialist at Shopify, can’t emphasize enough the importance of spending time on creating your XML sitemap. “An XML sitemap aids SEO by acting as a roadmap for search engines, ensuring they can find and index all important pages on a website,” he says. “It helps in quickly discovering and indexing new or updated content. … For webmasters and SEO managers, it assists in identifying and fixing website errors, improving user experience and search engine rankings.”

From How To Create an XML Sitemap To Improve Your Website’s SEO

“Limit yourself to a maximum of five tools to maintain efficiency and avoid confusion, given that each tool operates on different standards and metrics,” says Arthur Camberlein, senior SEO specialist at Shopify. “Prioritize having a well-organized website. Remember the Pareto principle: Focus on rectifying the crucial 20% to achieve 80% of the desired results. If you feel something is lacking, don’t hesitate to switch tools or even create your own. Stay adaptable and innovative.”

From Best Technical SEO Tools for Improving Your Website’s Performance


I attended conferences, but also gave some talks (not TED ones obviously), but I really enjoy sharing my knowledge.