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SEO chat | #SEOChat on Twitter/X | The recap

SEO chat | #SEOChat on Twitter/X | The recap

This week I participated in the #SEOchat discussion on X/Twitter & it was hosted by my teammate Greg Bernhardt.

 I will share below the questions and answer I provided on Twitter

Q2: For those learning or working with #Python for SEO, what are some of the hurdles you experienced? #SEOChat

A2: the hardest one for me was making sure I did not miss a comma, a colon or a quote in my code. And not forgetting the indentation of course.

I can confirm that I still have to double check for that

Q4: What is your favorite publically accessible Python notebook or app? #SEOChat

A3: My favorite one, that I used a lot for the FR SEO market… by @VincentTerrasi

It's a GSC (Google Search Console) filtering script

Q5: Pandas is a spreadsheet-like module for Python. What are the advantages or disadvantages of it compared to Sheets/Excel? #SEOChat

A5: 1/ Advantages: Cleaning a huge amount of data in a few lines of code

2/ Advantages: export to cdv, xls, …

3/ Advantage: reusable, change source and run the script

4/ Disadvantages: understanding/installing Python for beginners


Q6: What are your top 5 must learn phyton modules for SEO? #SEOChat

A6: (no particular order & yes cheating a little bit) 1/ Pandas 2/ Requests 3/ Scrapy / Selenium / Beautiful Soup / @crowltech 4/ @Streamlit 5/ Advertool

Honestly I still use them, even if I am using others maybe more, these ones are really solid

Who's Greg B.?

If you are wondering who Greg is:

SEO for @Shopify | Writer at | Founder of

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