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SEO & Data Specialist | Arthur Camberlein
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North American 🚀 SEO & Data Specialist | Arthur CAMBERLEIN

North American SEO & Data Specialist

Hello, my name is Arthur Camberlein, I am a SEO Manager & Data Specialist! I was a SEO Specialist in Montreal (Canada) North America, a Data Analyst in Luxembourg & an E-marketing consultant specialized in SEO in Lille (France)

Nowadays, my job title is SEO Manager @ Shopify. During my free time I like to play with SEO, Data, CMS and a lot of web stuff ... but also I am a big cycling afficionados & a tea lover!

Who am I?

Curious french guy living in Montreal (Canada) who really enjoys technology and the Internet. Especially understanding how things work.

Work related: Working as A Senior SEO Specialist @ Shopify

Currently working as an SEO Specialist @ Shopify in Canada and really enjoy it!

My previous work place: SEO & Data in Canada, Luxembourg and France

Before Shopify I was a SEO Specialist in a web agency in Montreal, QC, Canada. Former to that I worked as a Data Analyst in Luxembourg and as an SEO and Web analyst consultant in France (Lille) where I was specialized in SEO, e-commerce and online strategies.

Constant learner + giving/sharing person

I really enjoy spending time learning "stuff" but also sharing my knowledge, that's why I wrote on several websites and go into forums. But that's not all, I gave several conferences (& webinars), some courses and company training courses. Subject where about SEO 101, netlinking, e-commerce analysis, web-analysis basics, tech SEO, ...

Webmarketing swiss-army kniff

My coworker used to say about me that I'm a web-marketing swiss-army kniff. I'm familiar with SEO, Data, SEA, SMO and Webanalyses ; and also some tech & stats languages such as R (stat) and Python.

SEO as a passion: also webmastering

Without forgetting that I'm also a webmaster for several website. I live for test and SEO, so I have several website where i try to better understand Google Algorithm. Plu I also help several people to build there e-commerce website thanks to Wordpress (and Woo commerce) and Shopify.

SEO Expert in the US

SEO Expert in the US is a job that I have done in the US. I am a SEO Specialist in North America, after being a Data Analyst in Luxembourg & an E-marketing consultant specialized in SEO in Lille (France). I have been working as a SEO Specialist at Shopify in North America for more than a year now.

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