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SEO & Data Specialist | Arthur Camberlein
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About Arthur - The Autor

Welcome to this about page! I think you figured out that my name is Arthur, Arthur Camberlein & that I am an Sr. SEO Specialist in Canada

SEO, Data Python

I graduated from a MBA in Marketing and Ecommerce, in Lille, FRANCE and learn most of what I know along the way -- My LinkedIn could give you more info about that -- and I am know working in Canada, for Shopify in Tech SEO.

Organized desk to create a blog

Everything started with a blog

I put my two feet a few years ago in SEO with my first blog [R.I.P. lol] on Wordpress and discover lots of things about SEO, Wordpress, servers; following that I did several internship in product, social media & webmarketing. Then I landed my "first real job" in a web agency where I was specialize in 360 marketing clients.

Data lover ...

Following that my "love" for data and SEO was too strong, so I asked to be allowed to specialize myself in WebAnalytics and SEO. That was really interesting to be Webanalysis and SEO Consultant for a few years. After these 6 years of great work -- and after discovering R -- I wanted to dig deeper the data knowledge and went to Luxembourg to be at the same time a Product Owner on the Data Team and a Data Analyst.

... with SEO roots

Finally, I followed my dream to come to Canada and I am now an SEO Specialist in the tech industry. Thanks to my technical knowledge, product affinity and my "SEO love", I am able to exchange with different teams and create links between them.

Blog and projects

I am curious and do many things (too many? not me to tell). If you want to discover more, you can go to the blog part or to my project page.

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